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Africa Art

African Arte. Our name says exactly the business of our company, present and market the highest quality articles from different African countries. Ambitious goal that could only be achieved with the help of all our partners and customers.

We believe, however, that we can now provide a good contribution to the dissemination of the art craft of Africa. Mozambique, Mali, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa are some of the countries of origin of our articles and the genuine African art.

The African Art sells only authentic art, the best and most sought raw African craft, the truth of African art is always present in our products, for this reason, the African Art in the Portuguese market grew to become the largest Portuguese of authentic African art, not accept with forgeries usually found in several parts of the country. Customers as the most worthy Portuguese architect, Álvaro Ciza Vieira, make in us a national reference in African Art.

Criado por Panda EmpresasCriado por Panda Empresas